Colloque : La Préhistoire des autres. Comment l'archéologie et l'anthropologie abordent le passé des sociétés non occidentales

International conference organized by the French national institute for preventive archaeological research and the Quai Branly Museum 

January18th and19th 2011 

Découverte du plus ancien sanctuaire d'Arabie : la structure en os de dugong de l'île d'Akab

The French archaeological mission to the United Arab Emirates, including CNRS and INRAP searchers, and the museum of the Umm al-Quwain Emirate (UAE) have recently discovered the oldest sanctuary in Arabia (3500-3200 BC), as well as the oldest known ceremonial site dedicated to a very particular marine mammal, the dugong (Dugong dugon). 
These results have just been published in the international review Antiquity.