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To base itself on archaeology in order to rethink our ways of living together in one environment: Such is the editorial line of Archéopages, a scientific journal with a review panel. Each issue develops a specific theme by crossing the points of view of archaeologists of all backgrounds and those of other researchers in human sciences, thus taking stock of the recent contributions of archaeology to the knowledge of societies. A large space is also devoted to modern methods of archaeology. The journal is aimed at researchers, students and enlightened amateurs.

Edited by Inrap
Archéopages n°28 : Chasses

The management of the different products of hunting is mainly extrapolated from bone deposits: modes of acquisition, subsistence, distribution ... All questionings elaborated from models derived from ethnological and naturalist observation, starting from one obvious fact - one goes hunting to satisfy needs - and leading to doubt: yes, but which ones?

Jean-Paul Jacob

File: Hunting

Neanderthal hunting weapons. Initial analysis of Mousterian points found in Angé
Marie Soressi, Jean-Luc Locht

Hunters or warriors. Unusual graves in Cerny
Philippe Chambon, Isabelle Sidéra

Deer hunting in the Neolithic - The supreme game animal?
Rose-Marie Arbogast

Relics of hunting in the Late Neolithic. The Vignely pit on the banks of the Marne
Paul Brunet, Véronique Brunet, Renaud Gosselin, Céline Bemilli, Caroline Hamon, Yolaine Maigrot

Hunting in the Mesolithic. Contributions from the valleys of north-east France
Frédéric Séara, Anne Bridault, Thierry Ducrocq, Bénédicte Souffi
Box: A specialized mesolithic camp in Ruffey-sur-Seille? - Frédéric Séara

Hunting hare and deer. Evolution of hunting practices from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages
Sébastien Lepetz, Benoît Clavel
Box 1: An antique game pen in Jard-sur-Mer? - Céline Bemilli
Box 2: Deer hunting at Vincennes in the Renaissance - Benoît Clavel
Box 3: The hunting spear- Nicolas Tisserand, Marie - Agnès Widehen
Box 4: Early use of raptors as hunting helpers? - Stéphane Frère
Box 5: Deer cut in the 11th century on the Mehun-sur-Yèvre site - Gaëtan Jouanin

Hunting in the Middle Ages. Some archaeo-zoological illustrations from southern France
Isabelle Rodet-Belarbi, Vianney Forest

Hunt-related sites in the modern era. Three examples from Île-de-France
Jean-Yves Dufour, Séverine Hurard

Bears in the Palaeolithic. Biased studies?
Dominique Armand

Debate - Hunting for what?
Pierre Grenand, Anne Bridault


Querns from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Developing recording procedures and first analyses
Groupe Meule


Animal depot in a burial mound
Sébastien Chevrier, Dominique Lalaï

Rhenish sandstone in a Guyanese tomb
Martijn van den Bel

Revue « Archéopages : archéologie & société », 28
January 2010
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