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To base itself on archaeology in order to rethink our ways of living together in one environment: Such is the editorial line of Archéopages, a scientific journal with a review panel. Each issue develops a specific theme by crossing the points of view of archaeologists of all backgrounds and those of other researchers in human sciences, thus taking stock of the recent contributions of archaeology to the knowledge of societies. A large space is also devoted to modern methods of archaeology. The journal is aimed at researchers, students and enlightened amateurs.

Edited by Inrap
Archéopages n°29 : Recyclage et remploi

For archaeologists, and especially for those who study building archaeology, it is clear that the supply of provision for construction sites, ever since man started to build, is as much made of reused materials as it is of raw materials. What does this convey in terms of notions of profitability and efficiency?

Jean-Paul Jacob

File: Recycling and reuse

Reuse in the Middle Palaeolithic. Bifaces and cores used as hammerstones
Émilie Claud, Vincent Mourre, Céline Thiébaut, Michel Brenet

A case of recycling in the Late Neolithic. The bow-shaped pendants of the Paris Basin
Angélique Polloni

Recycling lead in a rural context in the Late Roman period. The example of the villa of Burgille
Bérangère Fort, Nicolas Tisserand, Olivier Simonin

De vita amphorarum. The reclamation of amphorae in humid contexts
Muriel Vecchione
Box 1: Antique landscaping of lagoon edge in Narbonne - Philippe Chapon
Box 2: Drain of African amphoras in Fréjus - Pierre Excoffon, Nicolas Portalier
Box 3: Amphorae reused in a pond - Marc Feller

Reusing bricks in the Late Roman period. The case of Toulouse
Raphaël De Filippo

The reuse of graves in the Middle Ages. Choice and opportunity in the management of funerary spaces
Yves Gleize
Box: Reuse of sarcophagus in the tower of Notre-Dame-aux-Nonnains church in Troyes - Cédric Roms

Harbours as recycling places. Two examples from thirteenth- and fifteenth-century Bordeaux
Frédéric Gerber

Reclaiming Loire river boats. Following an eighteenth-century economic rationale
Nathalie Ruffié

Debate - From recovery to reversibility in architecture
Jean-Marc Huygen, Ivan Lafarge


The Late Bronze Age in Lorraine. Cultural and typological aspects
Thierry Klag, Marie-Pierre Koenig, Franck Thiériot


Metal parures Quoit Brooch Style
Laure Simon

Agricultural tools of the Lower Empire
Frédéric Veyssière, Catherine Viers

Revue « Archéopages : archéologie & société », 29
April 2010
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