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To base itself on archaeology in order to rethink our ways of living together in one environment: Such is the editorial line of Archéopages, a scientific journal with a review panel. Each issue develops a specific theme by crossing the points of view of archaeologists of all backgrounds and those of other researchers in human sciences, thus taking stock of the recent contributions of archaeology to the knowledge of societies. A large space is also devoted to modern methods of archaeology. The journal is aimed at researchers, students and enlightened amateurs.

Edited by Inrap
Archéopages 33 : Grands Travaux

The will to start with a clean slate, the need to limit the overflows of private constructions, the ambition to extend its hold, to regulate the peripheries, to enjoy a new aesthetic order, to control flows and activities, the desire to change its image… The motivations of the public authorities in the launching of major works are both blurry and overlapping. A strong political and economic commitment is the only constant in these great upheavals of urban space, which contribute to the definition of a “city” to the point of transforming it into a metaphor.

Jean-Paul Jacob 

File: Big works

Creating a landscape at the end of the fifth millennium. Large-scale development in the service of an even greater landscape appropriation project in Lower Normandy during the Middle Neolithic
Emmanuel Ghesquière, Cyril Marcigny

The Chasséen enclosure of Château-Percin. An exceptional instance of Neolithic monumental architecture in Haute Garonne
Muriel Gandelin, Fabrice Pons, Claire-Anne de Chazelles 
Box: Chasseen enclosure of Toulousain - Muriel Gandelin

​Major projects in the Bronze Age. The enclosure of La Tourelle at Lamballe in Brittany
Stéphane Blanchet 
Box: An enclosure and necropolis from the Bronze Age in Lannion - Yoann Escats

​Civil engineering and major projects. The foundations of the circus at Arles
Claude Sintès, Director of the Musée départemental Arles antique

The site of the aqueduct of Traslay in Bourges. The contribution of an archaeological and petrographic analysis of the mortars
Frédéric Rivière, Marianne Surgent 

Roman planning at Saint-Romain-sur-Cher. An estate annexe for craft activity?
Philippe Salé

The monumental complex of Jaude. A vast development scheme at Augustonemetum in the 2nd century AD
Guy Alfonso, Philippe Arnaud, Christian Le Barrier

​Fanum Martis in the 2nd century AD. The dismantling of a town to build a castrum
Raphaël Clotuche

​Setting up a valley-bottom site. The site of Vesvre at Neuvy-Deux-Clochers
Victorine Mataouchek   

A Romanesque building site at Paray-le-Monial. A Cluniac vision of architecture
Gilles Rollier

​The construction of an enclosure at Orléans. The fortification of the 14th and 15th centuries
Diane Carron, Thomas Guillemard

​Debate - City work: quite the same and quite another
Sandrine Lavaud, Laurent Coudroy de Lille


The Later Iron Age shafts of Toulouse. Ten years of mitigation archaeology: problem setting, methods, results and prospects
Christophe Requi


Exploitation of sandstone
Gilles Prilaux

Permanence of a funerary area
Jean Brodeur, Élodie Cabot

Revue « Archéopages : archéologie & société », 33
July 2011
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