International conference organised by 
The French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP), 
The Museum of European and Mediterranean civilisations in Marseilles 
The Regional Centre for the Mediterranean 
Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture 

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19 January 2017
The inter-university Centre for Medieval History and Archaeology 
The research laboratory for Medieval and Modern Archaeology in the Mediterranean 
The Norbert Elias Centre-Vieille Charité 
with the support of the French Institute    
​MuCEM and Regional Centre for the Mediterranean auditoriums in Marseilles 11th, 12th, 13th September 2013

The role of Islamic civilisation in the transmission of the legacy of antiquity to the medieval Europe is clear. However, aside from Spain where the mark of Al-Andalus is seen as testimony to a great civilisation, the legacy of Arabo-Islamic presence in southern Europe is still under-explored to date. This is notably true in France, Italy or Portugal, despite a high level of contact during the Middle Ages and the Modern era. Today recent archaeological data, stemming notably from the South of France and southern Europe, reveals the traces of clearly established cultural influences. 

This conference will present social science research, focussing on archaeology, history and anthropology -on the legacy of Arab-Islamic civilisation in Mediterranean Europe from the high Middle Ages to the modern era. It will cover exchange practices, the diffusion of domestic and architectural models, technological transfers, material culture, agrarian and funerary practices, epigraphy, the arts, as well as popular representations of the figure of the Sarrazin, the Moor or again the Turk… Preference will be given to recent research conducted in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal..


I – Temporary incursions and lasting settlements 
Historical data, material evidence, epigraphy, burials… 
II – Exchange and circulation 

Trade, shipwrecks, loot, coinage… 
III – Technical change and material culture 

Artisanal process and practice 
IV – Diffusion and the translation of knowledge 

Medicine, astronomy, philosophy, mathematics… 
V – Artistic influence 

Architecture, decorative arts, literature, music… 
VI – Collective tropes and representations 

Carnivals, Moorish and Christian festivals, commemorations 

Proposals for papers

Please send proposals for papers in French, Spanish or English, including a title and the author’s contact details by email to: Bénédicte Quilliec (benedicte.quilliec [at] and Catherine Richarté (catherine.richarte [at] 
Text length : maximum 1500 signs including spaces, to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and speaker’s list of publications, in Word format. 
Proposals will be submitted to the scientific committee who will, if deemed necessary, encourage those with similar proposals to group together. The committee will also establish the definitive programm, assign speakers to the most appropriate session. The committee also reserves the right to reject submitted proposals for papers. 

Deadline for submission: 11th  October 2012

Papers may be presented in French, English or Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. 

Synopses of selected papers will be published on the organiser’s website as soon as the programme is finalised (January 2013). 
The presentations (video recording and powerpoint presentations) will be recorded in full and put online on the Inrap website by the end of September 2013. 
The proceedings of the colloquium will be published in September 2014 by Editions La Découverte. 


  • 11th October 2012: deadline for submissions of proposed conference papers (abstracts)

  • 16th October: selection of proposals by the scientific committee

  • 15th January 2013: programme finalised

  • 20th January: programme published, registration and reservation of accommodation open

  • 11th, 12th and 13th September: colloquium in progress

  • 1st November: submission of texts for publication of the proceedings 

Registration Fees 
Admission to the colloquium is free and open to all subject to availability. 
The costs of travel and accommodation of speakers will be covered by the organisers. 

Scientific committee 

  • Henri Amouric, director of research at CNRS, Head of the Laboratory for Medieval and Modern Archaeology in the Mediterranean (UMR 7298)
  • Jean Boutier, director of studies at EHESS, Marseille hub (UMR 8562)
  • Jean-Paul Jacob, Inrap president
  • Roland-Pierre Gayraud, CNRS researcher within the Laboratory for Medieval and Modern Archaeology in the Mediterranean (UMR 7298)
  • Sonia Gutiérrez Lloret, archaeology professor, University of Alicante
  • Marie-Pascale Mallé, curator, MuCEM
  • Jean-Michel Poisson, lecturer at EHESS, Lyon hub (CIHAM-UMR 5648)
  • Bénédicte Quilliec, scientific projects officer within the scientific and technical department, Inrap
  • Catherine Richarté, archaeology researcher, Inrap (UMR 5648) 
Organising committee 
  • Denis Chevallier, deputy director, MuCEM
  • Cécile Martinez, enhancement officer, Inrap Mediterranean section
  • Catherine Richarté, archaeology researcher, Inrap Mediterranean section
  • Paul Salmona, director for cultural development and communication, Inrap
  • Martine Scoupe, conference officer, cultural development section, Inrap
  • Anne Valat, conference and debates officer for Marseille-Provence 2013
Contact(s) :

Bénédicte Quilliec
+ 33 1 40 08 80 57
benedicte.quilliec [at]
Catherine Richarté
+ 33 4 42 54 44 53
catherine.richarte [at]
Paul Salmona
+ 33 6 21 35 36 83
paul.salmona [at]