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14 June 2018
Recherches archéologiques

The "Recherches archéologiques" collection publishes, for the scientific community, monographs and syntheses resulting from preventive archeology operations carried out by Inrap. These works are distinguished by the major character of the sites studied, their innovative aspect in methodological or scientific terms, or the size of the territory taken into account.

By Frédéric Séara
An Inrap-CNRS Editions co-publication
Les occupations du premier Mésolithique des Basses Veuves (Pont-sur-Yonne)

This book, dedicated to the spatial structure of open-air Mesolithic sites in the valley bottom, presents our current state of knowledge based on the sites of Ruffey-sur-Seille and Choisey, in the Jura region. Research on this topic, integrated with studies of the occupations at Pont-sur-Yonne, benefited from the analysis of numerous lithic conjoins and their spatial distribution. A dynamic spatial interpretation following the tradition of studies conducted at large Upper Paleolithic sites in the Paris basin was made possible, confronting the occupation strategies proposed.
In this manner, our vision of Mesolithic dwellings is gradually becoming clearer, enabling us to expand our perspective to the scale of an occupied territory.

Collection "Recherches archéologiques", 8
June 2014
Size 22 x 28 cm
240 pages

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