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20 February 2023
Recherches archéologiques

The "Recherches archéologiques" collection publishes, for the scientific community, monographs and syntheses resulting from preventive archeology operations carried out by Inrap. These works are distinguished by the major character of the sites studied, their innovative aspect in methodological or scientific terms, or the size of the territory taken into account.

Julie Charmoillaux, Sébastien Gaime
An Inrap-CNRS Editions co-publication

From the fertile black soils of Limagne to the sandy-clay plateaus of the Sologne bourbonnaise, Middle Age farmers have shaped the landscapes that we know today; however, the history of their instillation on these lands is not linear. Here, for the first time since the 1960s, a team of archaeologists, historians, geologists, carpologists, ceramicists and other specialists propose a synthesis of the Middle Age rural habitat forms in Limagne and Sologne bourbonnaise. Given that a great deal of architectural, technical and environmental information remained unexploited, this diversity of approaches has allowed a renewed look at the establishment conditions of rural populations, notably by studying geological markers of catastrophe, but also by placing all the studies in a more precise historical perspective thanks to new dating. This multi-disciplinary approach has ensured that the full richness of the regional medieval plant economy has been revealed.

Recherches archéologiques 17

Julie Charmoillaux is a research engineer at the Auvergne Regional Archaeology Service (Ministry of Culture) and a member of the "History, Archaeology and Literature of the Christian and Muslim Medieval Worlds" laboratory (CIHAM, UMR 5648). His research focuses on the peasant world in the Middle Ages and in particular on silage techniques.

Sébastien Gaime is assistant scientific and technical director for the Auvergne region at Inrap. His field is medieval rural archaeology, in relation to the exploitation of local resources.

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Julie Charmoillaux (dir)., Sébastien Gaime (dir.). - Les formes de l’habitat rural au Moyen Âge en Limagne septentrionale et Sologne bourbonnaise. Inrap. CNRS Éditions, 456 p., 2019, Recherches archéologiques 17, 978-2-271-12878-2. 〈hal-02295848〉.

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