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04 December 2018
Human being ? An archeology of the origins

International conference, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November 2018, at the Muséum de Toulouse.

International conference "Human being ? An archeology of the origins" by Pascal Depaepe, National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research

The aim in this talk will be to explain why Neanderthal man was considered sub-human, bestial, brutal, even a monkey man from his very discovery in 1856. After a short introduction on the anatomical characteristics of Neanderthals, their environments and ways, we will look into the representations, phantasms and visions that surrounded them.

Pascal Depaepe is an Archaeologist, Doctor of Prehistory (University of Lille I) and Regional Director of the National Institute of Research in Preventive Archaeology (INRAP) for Hauts-de-France. His research deals first and foremost with Neanderthal man, and more specifically man-environment interactions, habitat dynamics and the role of climate fluctuations in the settlement of Europe. He is co-curator of the exhibition “Neanderthal, the Exhibition” running at the Musée de l'Homme from 28 March 2018 to 7 January 2019.

Bibliography (in french)

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