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19 June 2017
The Archaeology of Violence

International colloquium organized by Inrap and the Museum of Louvre-Lens.
October 2, 3 and 4, 2104 at La Scène du Louvre-Lens

The archaeology of violence: wartime violence, mass violence 
by Pavel Vareka, University of Pilsen 

Bohemia lost about one third of the whole population during the Thirty Years War which started as well as ended in this country (1618 – 1648). Archaeological research focused on villages deserted during this period demonstrate brutal events as plundering and burning of settlements which left extensive parts of the countryside abandoned for decades. Documentary evidence enables to relate archaeological records to the historical context concerning military campaigns performed by troops from the whole Europe.
Authors : Pavel Vareka et James Symonds

Pavel Vařeka (Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic) is specialized in Historical Archaeology of Central and Eastern Europe. In recent years he realized several projects concerning the impact of the Thirty Years War on rural settlement in Bohemia.   
A partir d'avril 2014,

From April 2014, James Symonds will be the Professor of Historical Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. He has published papers in Historical Archaeology, The International Journal of Historical Archaeology, The Journal of Social Archaeology, and The Journal of Material Culture. His recent books include "Interpreting the Ealry Modern World”, Springer,2010, with Mary Beaudry, and "Historical Archaeologies of Cognition”, Equinox, 2013, with Anna Badcock and Jeff Oliver. 

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