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19 June 2017
The Archaeology of Violence

International colloquium organized by Inrap and the Museum of Louvre-Lens.
October 2, 3 and 4, 2104 at La Scène du Louvre-Lens

The archaeology of violence: wartime violence, mass violence 
by Gabriel Moshenska, university College of London.

This paper explores the development of theory in conflict archaeology, from its current strong focus on social and anthropological archaeology, to its growing interest in evolutionary approaches to material culture, as well as critical engagement with the fields of memory studies and public archaeology. I believe that future developments must include better engagement with theories of war and conflict, including psychological, technological, geographical and other perspectives. 
Gabriel Moshenska is Lecturer in Public Archaeology at UCL Institute of Archaeology. His research interests include the archaeology of modern conflicts, the material culture of children in conflicts, and the history and philosophy of archaeology.  
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