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14 June 2018

To base itself on archaeology in order to rethink our ways of living together in one environment: Such is the editorial line of Archéopages, a scientific journal with a review panel. Each issue develops a specific theme by crossing the points of view of archaeologists of all backgrounds and those of other researchers in human sciences, thus taking stock of the recent contributions of archaeology to the knowledge of societies. A large space is also devoted to modern methods of archaeology. The journal is aimed at researchers, students and enlightened amateurs.

Edited by Inrap
Archéopages HS 3 : Nouveaux champs de la recherche archéologique

Published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Inrap, this issue presents some major evolutions of archaeological knowledge, initiated or developed within the framework of preventive archaeology.

Pascal Depaepe, Anne Augereau

Prologue: The scientific vocation of Inrap
​Jean-Paul Demoule, Jean-Paul Jacob

1- Evolution of disciplines

Producing archaeological knowledge
Philippe Soulier

From contribution to synergy: a decade of dialogue between archaeologists and geomorphologists within Inrap
Laurent Bruxelles

Bioarchaeology and archaeology: shared perspectives?
Hervé Guy, Anne Richier

The palaeoenvironmental sciences
Stéphanie Thiébault

2- European archaeology and research

Investing in archaeology in the United Kingdom: experiences and perspectives
Martin Carver

Preventive archaeology in Switzerland
Gilbert Kaenel

The organisation of preventive archaeology in Spain and its effects on research
Lauro Olmo Enciso 

3- Axes and projects

Scientific research programmes and research agenda 2006–2009: Inrap’s research policy
Anne Augereau

Preventive archaeology, a tool in the planning process
Marie-Odile Lavendhomme

Integrating the construction of the Seine-Nord Europe canal into the archaeological landscape
Gilles Prilaux, Marc Talon

4- Corpus and issues

Palaeolithic climates and cultures: when a valley becomes a frontier…
Laurent Bruxelles, Marc Jarry

Burials of the Chasséen culture in the region of Toulouse
Fabrice Pons, Muriel Gandelin, Jérôme Rouquet

Pottery production of the southern Chasséen culture between the Hérault and the Orb: a new sequence
Muriel Gandelin, Hélène Vergély 
Box: A singular pottery assemblage from a burial of the earlier Chasseen culture - Hélène Vergély, Muriel Gandelin, Nicolas Garnier

Settlement and architecture in the Neolithic: the significant contribution of preventive archaeology
Anaïck Samzun 
Box 1: LThe monumental building of the site of “La Plaine” at Beaurieux: a unique building or a final instance of the Danubian model? - Caroline Colas 
Box 2: The Michelsberg culture buildings of Cuiry-lès-Chaudardes - Caroline Colas 
Box 3: A Neolithic enclosure at Carvin - Cécile Monchablon 
Box 4: A Late Neolithic occupation at Pont-de-Seine - Vincent Desbrosse, Virginie Peltier 
Box 5: The architecture of Final Neolithic buildings - Ivan Praud 
Box 6: “Marker” pottery and lithic assemblages in Final Neolithic Auvergne: the site of Tremonteix - Sylvie Saintot 

From grouped to dispersed settlement during the 4th millennium in Auvergne?
Sylvie Saintot

Traces of the last Mesolithic hunter-gatherers​
Frédéric Séara

Preventive archaeology’s role in transforming our understanding of the Bronze Age
Patrice Brun, Cyril Marcigny

From detecting ephemeral traces to recognising funerary practices: the fire pits of the Bronze Age
Isabelle Le Goff, Ghislaine Billand

The rural world of the later Iron Age: significant advances and unlimited perspectives
Geertrui Blancquaert, Thierry Lorho, François Malrain

Moulay: revisiting an oppidum in western Gaul
Elven Le Goff, Catherine Moreau

Political processes of deromanization in the Goths entity from Gaul, the regnum tolosanum (413-508)
Jean-Luc Boudartchouk

Preventive archaeology and the (re)discovery of the Goths in southern Gaul
Jean-Luc Boudartchouk, Jérôme Hernandez, Didier Paya, Christian Scuiller

Shoddily buried and badly arranged: the case of the human skeletons without graves in Gallo-Roman and medieval France
Isabelle Rodet-Belarbi, Isabelle Séguy

Judaism, its remains and research into funerary practices: the contribution of preventive archaeology
Philippe Blanchard, Patrice Georges, Daniel Parent, Geert Verbrugghe (collab.) 

From mute walls to the stratigraphy of buildings: looking beyond the apparent homogeneity of the built fabric
Victorine Mataouchek

Heirlooms or the case of long-lasting ceramics of the modern and contemporary period
Alban Horry

Social diversity through the analysis of medieval and modern ceramic assemblages in Île-de-France
Fabienne Ravoire

Epilogue: Some white pebbles ... for tomorrow
Jean Guilaine

Revue « Archéopages : archéologie & société », HS 3
January 2012
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