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19 January 2017

One spontaneously associates archaeology with prehistoric or ancient vestiges. From the 1980s, at the same time as the development of medieval archaeology, a parallel archaeology of modern and contemporary times developed. Thus, already in 1983, excavations undertaken beneath the future pyramid of the Louvre, not only brought to light a Paris quarter of the 16th-18th centuries consisting of ordinary dwellings but also Bernard Palissy’s workshop and the Pavilion of the Swiss Guards. 

Archéologie de la France moderne et contemporaine
For about twenty years, preventive archaeology has revealed unpublished data covering five centuries of French history, from the Renaissance to modern times, about which written archives give only partial or biased information†: wrecks of pirate ships, roads of the Ancient Regime, early factories, Napoleonic military camps, common graves of world conflicts or remains of the Soviet Pavilion of the International Exhibition of 1937 at the Trocadero… 

Completing the chronological series of the "Archéologie de la France” series, this work is a synthesis of the discoveries of modern and contemporary archaeology, dealing with rural as well as urban sites, industries, voyages or religious centres …  Dialoguing with history and anthropology, it applies to recent periods a renewed approach to archaeology..
Under the direction of Gilles Bellan and Florence Journot :  Gilles Bellan is a research engineer at Inrap, specialised in modern and contemporary archaeology. He is a member of the Centre of General Archaeology at the Institute of Art and Archaeology as well as of the Interregional Commission of Overseas Archaeological Research for Colonial Archaeology. 
Florence Journot is a medievalist archaeologist. Maître de conférences HDR at the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), she is interested in the history of archaeology and epistemology of human sciences. Member of the Centre of General Archaeology of the Institute of Art and Archaeology, she is part of the group "Environmental Archaeologists†" of the mixed unity of research 7041 « ArScAn ». 
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