Archaeology, Soil- and Life-Sciences Applied to Enclosures and Fields

Archaeology, Soil- and Life-Sciences Applied to Enclosures and Fields

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sous la direction de Kai Fechner(Inrap), Yannick Devos, Mathias Leopold et Jörg Völkel
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19 septembre 2016


Proceedings of the Session 'From microprobe to spatial analysis - Enclosed and buried surfaces as key sources in Archaeology and Pedology’.


  • 1) Buried Soils and Surfaces, a Key Archive for Geoarchaeology (Matthias Leopold);
  • 2) The Application of Phosphorus Cartography to Archaeological Sites and Structures: a State of the Art and Proposal of a Protocol Applicable for Belgium, Luxemburg and Northern France (Yannick Devos, Kai Fechner, Jari Hinsch Mikkelsen);
  • 3) Case Studies of Phosphorus Mapping in Late La Tène to Roman Enclosures and Ponds between Rhine and Seine (Kai Fechner in collaboration with Hervé Bocquillon et al)
  • 4) Functional and Spatial Interpretation of the Sanctuary and Enclosures of Ribemont-sur-Ancre (Somme): the Role of Palaeoenvironmental Studies (Gérard Fercoq du Leslay et al)
  • 5) Functioning and Hierarchy of Farms in the Gallic Society from the 3rd Century BC to the Roman Period (François Malrain in collaboration with Gertrude Blancquaert);
  • 6) Holocene Soil Development and Pedogenic Clay Mineral Transformation in Luvisols with Different Development Ages at the Viereckschanze of Poign (Central Bavaria, Germany) (Alexandra Raab and Jörg Völkel);
  • 7) An Example of a Fruitful Discussion Between a Pedologist and an Archaeologist. A 1st-4th Century AD Agricultural Enclosure with a Stable and a Manure Pit at "Chapelle Saint-Nicolas” in Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt (Val-d’Oise, France) (Vanessa Rouppert, Jean-Yves Dufour, Kai Fechner);
  • 8) Buried Anthropic Soils in the Centre of Brussels (Belgium): Looking for Fields in a (Proto-) urban Context (Yannick Devos et al).

European Association of Archaeologists 12th Annual Meeting, Krakow-Poland, 19th to 24th September 2006.

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