Regroupement de noms de soldats australiens de la Grande Guerre retrouvées dans la grotte souterraine de Naours (Somme), 2016.  On note en bas à droite du cliché l’inscription laissée par Allan Allsop le 2 janvier 1917. C’est grâce au journal de marche de

The discovery of an surprising concentration of graffiti and inscriptions made by soldiers during the First World War reoriented the investigation to a formerly unknown activity at this site: touristic visits to the underground dwellings during the First World War. 

Boult-sur-Suippe Visuel6

An Inrap team has recently excavated a German military cemetery from the First World War. This research was conducted in advance of the construction of a housing development by Immocoop and under the prescription of the State (Drac Champagne-Ardenne).

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From 1914 to 1918, 10 million soldiers died on the battleground. Most were buried, but despite the efforts of their loved ones to find them, 700,000 soldiers remain missing in action, dispersed across the battlefields of the plains of the North and the valleys of the East. 

Fouille du « Moulin rouge» à Thélus, haut lieu de fraternisation franco-allemande en 1915

The film “Joyeux Noël” by Christian Carion recounted the truces between soldiers during the First World War, episodes of “fraternization” forgotten in history.

Archéologie de la vie quotidienne pendant la Grande Guerre : un camp allemand

A team of Inrap archaeologists is currently excavating artefacts from the First World War near Reims. Covering 4.5 hectares, this Inrap excavation, curated by the State (Drac Champagne-Ardenne), is taking place in advance of the construction of an activity zone for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Reims-Epernay. 

Des chevaux dans la guerre à Bar-sur-Aube

At Bar-sur-Aube (Aube), in 2013, an Inrap team realized an archaeological excavation in advance of the construction of a new road and a housing development, under the curation of the State (Drac Champagne). 

Fouille archéologique du Déjeuner sous l'herbe de Daniel Spoerri à Jouy-en-Josas

On April 23, 1983, 120 personalities of the Contemporary Art World took part in a banquet orchestrated by the artist Daniel Spoerri in the park of the domain of Montcel, at Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines), where, a year later, the Cartier Foundation was to be installed. 

Fouille du cimetière de La Ciotat : 1581-1831

Prior to the construction of a social housing project including a square bordered by a pedestrian street, Inrap archaeologists are excavating, curated by the State (Regional Archaeological Service, DRAC Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur) the parish graveyard of La Ciotat situated in the historical centre of the town, a zone archaeologically relevant for the modern epoch (1492-1789).